How to Make a Custom Cover for your MAAY Planner

If you miss the handmade covers that used to be the hallmark of Much Ado About You Planners {before I decided that I needed to make an actual profit at this business}, then why not make one for yourself?

Here's what you will need:

At least {3}different pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper
Glue {I like to use glue tape, available almost anywhere you can buy tape}

A corner rounder {optional}

First cut out your front and back cover. 
They should be cut to 6.5" x 9". 
NOTE: This size will extend over the monthly tabs so that they are safely tucked inside your planner.

Next, cut out your stripes for the front cover.  Leave them long and trim the edges after you attach the stripes to the cover. This way you will be sure to have the stripes go all the way to the edge. 

The stripes can be any size that you would like.  I like to have two or three stripes... one larger one, and one or two smaller ones.  If you make three stripes I recommend one being very thin {about 1/2"}.  I always have one of the stripes be the same paper that I am using for the back cover.

In this sample, I had the bottom stripe go all the way to the bottom of the cover, but when I don't do that I usually put the bottom of the bottom stripe about 1.5" from the bottom of the cover.  {Did I say the bottom?}

Glue the stripes to the front cover.

Trim the edges of the stripes.

If you would like rounded corners {which I find keeps them from getting bent, and protects you from painful pokes}, then round the right two corners of the front cover, and the left two corners of the back cover.

Now, unless you own a laminating machine and a spiral binding machine {what... doesn't everyone?} you will need to take your planner and your new covers to an office supply store {like Staples or FedEx Kinko's} to finish it off.

Ask them to laminate the back cover, trim it very close to the edge, and punch it so that the holes will line up with the holes on your planner.  If you have rounded your corners you will need to round the back cover again after it is laminated.

I don't laminate the front cover because with the double layers of paper from the stripes, the lamin doesn't lay well.  Instead ask them to cut a clear cover to 6.5" x 9" to place over your handmade cover. 

If they have options, I use a 10 mil cover sheet and 10 mil lamin, but you probably won't have choices. 

Finally, have them bind the whole thing back together. 

This shouldn't cost more than $5 or $10 total.

Here's the cover I made for myself:

If you have any questions, please ask here.  Chances are someone else will have the same question.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I was going to just decorate the top half of my planner but this way I can have my planner coordinate with my classroom: black/white/lime :)